Why you should choose AAPC Approved Institutes in Kerala for Medical Coding

Why you should choose AAPC Approved Institutes in Kerala for Medical Coding

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Why you should choose AAPC Approved Institutes in Kerala for Medical Coding.?

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) is a prestigious organisation that evaluates the standards for medical coding quality. AAPC certification is highly regarded in the healthcare industry, providing coders with significant credibility in their careers.

If you are looking to build a successful career in Kerala for medical coding, choosing an AAPC approved institute is a crucial first step. Anton’s MediCode, one of the best medical coding institutes in Kerala, stands out as an AAPC approved and ISO 9001:2015 certified institution dedicated to providing the best career making medical coding education.

Benefits of AAPC Approval?

Credibility and Recognition in the Healthcare Industry

Being trained at an AAPC approved institute in Kerala, such as Anton’s MediCode, gives you the credibility and recognition needed in the ever evolving and competitive healthcare industry.

Employers prefer candidates with AAPC certification because it assures them of the candidate’s knowledge and competency to meet the highest standards in medical coding. According to the AAPC, certified coders have a 20% higher employment rate compared to non-certified coders.

Better Employment and Higher Earning Chances

Graduates from AAPC approved institutes often get better job opportunities and higher earning chances compared to those from non-approved institutes. The rigorous training and certification process prepares students with the skills needed to shine in their careers, making them attractive candidates for top healthcare employers.

The AAPC’s 2020 Salary Survey has clearly indicated that certified medical coders earn an average of 27% more than their non-certified peers, pointing out the financial benefits of AAPC certification.

Availability of AAPC Resources and Network

Students at AAPC approved institutes can benefit from access to a wealth of AAPC resources, including study materials, coding tools, and industry updates. Additionally, they become part of a global network of AAPC professionals, which can open doors to job opportunities and professional growth.

This network is extremely helpful for career advancement, providing connections and support from a community of experienced professionals that are more times opening doors to abroad opportunities where pay is substantially high.

Anton’s MediCode: AAPC approved best medical scribing institute in Kerala

History and Achievements

Established in 2018, Anton’s MediCode has grown to become a leading medical coding institute in Kerala. With an unwavering commitment to quality education and student success, Anton’s MediCode has made a name for itself as a premier institution for Medical Coding, Medical Scribing, Medical Transcription and Hospital Administration courses . The institute is not only AAPC approved but also ISO 9001:2015 certified, underscoring its dedication to maintaining high educational standards at a convenient course fee.

Studying Medical Coding Course at the Best Medical Coding Institute in Kerala

Anton’s MediCode offers a meticulously designed Medical Coding Course aimed at preparing students for successful careers in medical coding. The course offers

• Experienced and Certified Instructors

The faculty at Anton’s MediCode comprises experienced medical coding professionals with AAPC certifications. Their industry expertise ensures you receive practical and up-to-date training.

• CPC Exam Preparation

The course includes intensive training with 18-20 mock tests, ensuring students are well-prepared for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam.

• Demo Classes

Free demo classes for all new joiners to help them understand the course structure and expectations.

• Flexible Learning Options

Both online and offline classes are available to accommodate the diverse needs of students.

• Placement Support

Dedicated assistance with job placements in multinational companies (MNCs) and top hospitals.

• Soft Skill Training

Comprehensive personality development and interview-oriented training to enhance employability.

• Internship Opportunities

Hands-on experience through internships with leading hospitals.

Other Courses Offered

In addition to the Medical Coding Course, Anton’s MediCode offers a range of other healthcare-related courses

  • Medical Scribing
    Includes demo classes, placement assistance with 150+ MNCs and hospitals, soft skill training, and internship opportunities.
  • Medical Transcription
    Features demo classes, placement support, interview-oriented training, and internships with top hospitals.
  • Hospital Administration
    Provides demo classes, on-the-job training, hospital visits, project reports, and placement through internships.

Our Commitment to Our Student Community

  • Anton’s MediCode takes pride in the success of its graduates. Many students who completed the Medical Coding Course have gone on to secure remarkable positions in top healthcare organisations.

    For instance, a recent graduate secured a job at a leading MNC, attributing their success to the job focused training and support provided by Anton’s MediCode. These success stories are a testament to the quality of the institute’s training programs and its commitment to student success.


Choosing an AAPC approved institute in Kerala, like Anton’s MediCode, for your medical coding education offers numerous benefits, including strong credibility, better job opportunities, and access to valuable resources.

With a proven track record of success, job focused training programs, and robust placement support, Anton’s MediCode stands out as the best choice for future medical coders.

Join the Medical Coding Course at Anton’s MediCode today and take the first step to a high paying successful career in medical coding. With Anton’s MediCode, you are not just getting good training and certification, but you are also securing a bright and successful career in the healthcare industry.

Anton's MediCode Medical Coding Course Overview

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