2021 Medical Coding salary insights

On average, medical programmers (certified and non-certified) make $54,797 every year. Clinical billers as well as programmers without certification gain around $47,200 annually while certified coding and also invoicing specialists make a typical annual salary of $60,097– 27% greater than their non-certified colleagues.

The Medical Coding as well as Invoicing Income Survey shows once more in 2021 that certification pays. The ordinary salary for specialist programmers with 2 qualifications climbs to $64,712. Billing as well as coding experts with three or more qualifications earn approximately $69,942 each year.

Medical Coder salaries in India array from 11,100 INR per month (minimal income) to 33,500 INR monthly (optimum income).

Average Wage

The typical income is 21,300 INR per month, which indicates that fifty percent (50%) of individuals functioning as Medical Coder( s) are earning less than 21,300 INR while the other half are gaining greater than 21,300 INR. The average represents the center income value. Usually speaking, you would certainly wish to be on the best side of the chart with the team making greater than the typical income.

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